Healing to Wholeness

Think of wholeness as a feeling of pure love within your entire body while being fully present in the moment. When we are hurt, it keeps a part of us stuck and we have trouble accepting the moment. Many of us avoid our pain by constantly distracting ourselves through entertainment, addictive foods and substances and other habits. This holds us back from being in our full power—feeling full of love and living in the eternal NOW.

To heal into wholeness, you must make time to heal. You must make the time to allow past experiences to surface, allow yourself to feel the pain and cry. Eventually, through the process of release you will come through the other side and feel strong love again. But it is hard to face the pain… but the only way to release it is to face it.

As I understand it, the pain we feel is the separation of the hurt part of you and the present moment. As the pain is felt, the part of that is hurt comes back into the present moment. Through traumatic experiences, parts of us go into hiding and we become smaller. When we heal, we expand into the present moment and become the big and powerful Self that we naturally are!

Invest in yourself and take the time to heal so you can return to Wholeness! I highly recommend that you take time to rest often when you need it. Simply taking an hour a day for yourself, being barefoot on the Earth is very healing. If you can set your life up, take a few days off in a row once a month to do deep Self care!

Reaching wholeness also means you are being authentic. Being authentic is like working a muscle, the more that you exercise, the stronger you become. As you feel safe to voice your inner world without worry of what people think of you, your heart will be stronger. To share authentically, being vulnerable in the moment without fear—confident in simply telling the truth as it is—is a very powerful place to be.
At first, being authentic and vulnerable can be scary, but the more you do it, the stronger you will become. It takes courage to speak your truth and keep your heart open. When you choose to be authentic, you are deciding to keep your heart open no matter what—and as a result your magnetic field expands and you feel powerful. Did you know that the heart’s energy field is much more powerful than the mind’s? Always tell the truth—even if it’s hard to do—you will feel better!

Practice being authentic with people that you trust, and begin to become real with everyone as you feel comfortable. I found that during my awakening process I would be afraid to say my truth with most people, I thought it was too “out there”. But as I connected with other people who were awakening, I realized I was not alone and it felt great to share my truth! Find your tribe so you can share your true self with them. True friends will be there for you and will receive you and love you unconditionally.

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